16 Best Online Startup Business Ideas 2022

online business startup ideas

Online business startup ideas are beneficial, but they also come with some challenges. The truth about starting any business is that it requires hard work. Unfortunately, many people think the internet is a get-rich-quick scheme, but business principles still apply. 

You should consider online as a channel to connect businesses to people. In reality, this channel allows you to reach anyone across the world. 

So, you don’t take online startup business ideas as a simple life-changing trick. It does not work the way you expect. Instead, I have created this article to help you get the best online business ideas that will drive profit. And the best thing, you don’t have to quit your day job. Read on these 16 best online startup business ideas and pick one that suits your needs.

16 Best Online Startup Business Ideas 

If you are wondering about some of the best online businesses to start in 2022, browse the following list. Pick an ideal business for you.

Start a Clothing Line 

Starting a clothing line is a great online business you can venture into. However, you need to have some time and designs in mind. 

If you want to set up an online store, you can use WooCommerce on WordPress or Shopify store. This can help you set up a store with Printful, Printify, Orbelo, or similar products sourcing apps. 

Use these apps to link your store to clothing manufacturers and apparel printers automatically. In addition, they will handle all steps of retail fulfillment. 

Dropshipping Store

Many people think they need a warehouse of inventory for them to run their business. That is not the case. 

Dropshipping is among the best online business startup ideas for entrepreneurs with less money. You can run a pre-existing product from the supplier, and they will take care of things such as packaging and fulfillment.

The advantage of dropshipping is that you can skip countless obstacles standing in your way, preventing you from starting a business. 

The crucial advantage is that dropshipping eliminates the risks of investing in a huge product order only to find there is no market. So, there are no such losses to incur. 

Sell Art Online 

You can take your hobby online to make money. Selling your art online is a great way to start a business. Whether a photographer, musician, or painter, starting a small business online is an excellent opportunity. 

Depending on your skills, you can turn your masterpiece into a revenue-generating option. You only need a well-designed e-commerce website. 

If you can take perfect pictures or paint, you can sell your work as framed posters, canvases, and prints using Printful or Printify. 

By doing so, you will turn your art into a tangible thing for people to take home and integrate into the remaining spaces. 

On the other hand, musicians can take the opportunity to this online business to sell samples, songs, beats, and more.  


Become a Freelance Writer, Developer, or Designer 

Maybe this is not the most innovative online business idea. Still, it is an excellent option as there is low barrier entry. 

If you are a writer, graphic designer, or developer, you can begin an online business depending on your talents. Working as a freelancer, you can use your skills to earn a passive income as you help people worldwide solve their problems. 

Freelancing is not about committing yourself to months-long projects that will take away your time. Choose bite-sized tasks to fit in your schedule. 

And if you are looking for these people who need help, find them in freelancing marketplaces such as Fiverr, Writers center, and Upwork. 

Teach Online Courses 

If you are an expert in something, you can teach people about it. So, you need to create virtual courses and sell them online. 

However, teaching online is a low-investment option but can help you generate passive income. It is simple; you need to create a video walkthrough that explains what you want the audience to learn. Then you can host it on your website. 

Teaching online courses requires effort upfront. To start creating an online course, brainstorm yourself on a familiar topic that you can teach someone from scratch comfortably. It could be anything, social media marketing, music productions, web design; you name it. 

Flip a Thrift Store

If you find yourself hitting thrift stores for great deals, then you should sell second-hand treasures online. 

Your potential customers will be looking to buy cool stuff online. Unfortunately, they don’t want to check through old stuff to get what they want. 

You can make it easier for them and position them like a curator who will uncover great vintage for them. 

Publish a Book

 If you love to write, then this is an opportunity to make money online. You can start your business by publishing your book and selling it online. 

One day, you may come to see yourself listed among the bestsellers. And it may sound like a dream, although not far out of reach. 

The good thing is it can be of any topic: marketing guide, science fiction novel, or even children’s picture books. You have countless options to publish your work successfully. 

If you want to sell ebooks in an online store, allow digital downloads. You can therefore stock digital files. After your customers purchase the ebooks, they are sent a download link or email to them. 

But if you are selling physical copies, place an order with CreateSpace or Blurb after your work is purchased. They will print the book and handle the remaining process. 

how to start a blog

Start a Blog 

Blogging has a history since its inception. It started as a virtual journey, but blogging is a marketing and monetizing tool today. And that is where it earns a spot in the best online businesses ideas. 

With a blog, there are many ways to earn money. You can sell products, host third-party ads, or publish sponsored posts. Starting a blog could be a great idea to sell. 

However, the key to success with a blog is to focus on building and engaging a loyal audience. You start with an audience-centric approach to cultivate a community that trusts you. The more you earn their trust, the easier you will drive revenue. 

Become a Virtual Assistant 

If you are super organized and still love to work behind the scenes, this is an opportunity for you. You are the right candidate to become an excellent virtual assistant. 

When you become a VA, you help entrepreneurs, executives, and businesses organize their professional lives. There are many duties to perform, including scheduling and basic marketing management. And the good thing, you can do everything online. 

There are benefits to becoming a VA. One of the benefits is that you can work with an ideal client. You may not know at the start, but you will find out the one you love to work with and what you can do for them. 

Another advantage is that you can interact with people across the world. But before that, have an internet connection and you will get a chance to interact with international clients. 

 Become an Influencer 

Today, influence marketing has exploded the marketing, although consumers are becoming savvy. Fortunately, influencing offers you countless business opportunities.

Influencer marketing has become one of the greatest small online business ideas – particularly when you already have a large audience. 

Many influencers have been in trouble for years because of their dishonest practices. So, many businesses are moving towards micro-influencers. These are people with smaller and more engaging followings. And the good thing is you must not have millions of followers to earn money via social media like Instagram. 

 Build Apps and Websites

This idea is for tech-savvy people. If you are one of them, you can leverage your skills and interests. 

If you are interested in venturing into this field, acquire some coding skills. You can start to build websites, mobile apps, digital products, and more.

You can work with clients and help them build websites or apps tailored to their needs. Or you create custom theme templates and sell them to merchants. 

There are reasons to build websites and apps. One of the benefits is that technology is not going anywhere. So, more demand for skills continues to grow. 

Secondly, there are countless systems and platforms out there. So, you should learn and transition to the other when bored of one. 

 Launch a Podcast

Perhaps you love the sound of your voice; take the opportunity and record it for a podcast. These are excellent home business ideas, and you can monetize them, like starting a blog

However, this may not be an innovative business idea today, but there are countless opportunities to carve out your space. 

So, you will need to equip yourself with the following: 

  • Call recording software
  • Audio recording software 
  • High-quality microphone

If you want to promote your podcast, collaborate with prominent guests and figures on your show. Allow your listeners to share your podcast and leave their reviews. 

 Affiliate Marketer 

Affiliate marketing is an online business idea you can use to make money. When you recommend your audience with a product or service in a social media, email list, or blog, you earn a commission after they buy. The only way to win a commission is after someone has converted through a unique code or referral link. 

Luckily, affiliate programs are many, and you can choose one that suits your interests, target audience, and personal brand. Common affiliate programs include Amazon Affiliate, FlexOffers, ShareASale, and Affiliate Future

Once you sign up, start to share. Create emails, blog articles, content, and social media posts on how perfect the product and service you are promoting are. 

Again, you should not oversaturate your audience with pop ads, as you will risk appearing inauthentic or spammy. 

You can do affiliate marketing because it is easy and a better source of passive income. 

 Curate Subscription Boxes 

These are themed packages with various products that emerged from the eCommerce scene. This has become a new online business opportunity after the rise of a variety of brands such as Blue Apron and Birchbox. 

You can find subscription boxes in almost all industries. Some of the common industries with curate subscription boxes include makeup, fitness, and craft snacks. You can curate subscription boxes virtually using any theme you want.  

If you want online startup business ideas, use this as your option, you will work with brands and artisans to allow you to buy and resell their products. 

 Create a Niche Product 

Let us say you have recognized an opportunity in a specific niche that could turn into an online business idea. These types of products are for a unique audience. So, you can serve a specific community well. 

The niches can be based on price point, demographic, industry, values, geography, product attributes, and more. It can be anything specific that targets a small group of potential customers. 

Examples of niches you can focus on: 

  • Conscious consumers – Think about sustainable, vegan, and eco-friendly brands and products. 
  • Remote Workers – These professionals have their attributes different from other office workers. 

 Create and sell handmade Goods

If you are crafty, you can sell products online. This could be the easiest of other online business ideas. You can start a jewelry business, offer handmade furniture, or sell picture frames. The essential thing is to monetize your skills by selling goods online. 

You can start with commonly used platforms such as Etsy or Craiglist. Having an online store gives you more control, and you can track and fulfill your orders. 

There are benefits to selling craft goods. One of these benefits is turning your passion into earning income. Like other online business ideas, an entrepreneurial business backed by passion makes a more fulfilling experience. 


If you are looking for online startup business ideas, consider one above that suits you. It is time you get out there, start a new online business and allow it to grow. You don’t have to use every penny saved; start small and scale from there. 

The beauty of starting an online business is a passion of what you want to do. It is possible, so it is up to you. 

Have a question on how to start a small online business? Comment below. 

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