20+ Best Laptop for Blogging

Laptops form among the most used items when it comes to blogging. Many bloggers frequently face uncomfortable keyboards and frequent overheating from the sluggish laptop, leading to inefficient blogging. Such out-of-function laptops require replacement to enhance being in line with the competition level with the best laptops for blogging.

There are available best laptops for blogging worth selection. They need to have a good battery life, good processing power, and an excellent keyboard. Such best laptops need to give access to running all types of docs and browser tabs required.

When choosing the best laptop, there is a great need to consider various factors to help make an informed decision. The selection depends on blogger types like tech, advanced pro, or beginner. These laptops differ since their design suits them differently. One type can suit different bloggers best while others may not fit.

The Best Laptops for Blogging

1.   Size and Weight

The laptop should easily fit in the travel bag, therefore need not be big. The use of standard traveling pouches requires the laptops to be less than 17 inches to help ease movements. Bloggers do not want heavyweight laptops since it is challenging, stressful, and tiresome while making movements.

It’s good to consider overall laptop weight and size due to increased blogger movement in various destinations for improved efficiency. Bigger laptop screens give more work efficiency, which enhances bloggers’ workflow. A lightweight laptop is an ideal choice for travel bloggers.

2.   Very comfortable keyboard

Blogging requires high laptop usage due to increased writing. A keyboard is essential for writing and final doc publishment since frequent editing is required.

It’s vital to look for a good keyboard since it affects speed and overall blogging performance. A laptop with an ergonomic keyboard makes the best selection to help make blogging better. Increased blogging requires practical keyboard factoring on reduced force application and build material.

3.   Enough Storage

Laptop storage depends on a hard disk drive (HDD) and solid-state drive (SSD) storage. Hard disk drives are slow with a high data loss chance, unlike solid-state drive, which is highly reliable and gives fast speed. There is an increased misconception relating to increased storage amounts to faster laptop performance which may not be true. Increased RAM enhances fast blogging speed due to functional limitations.

The laptop needs to have at least 8GB RAM storage which is more than enough for blogging workloads. Also, laptops with SSD storage drives have faster startup than HDD ones worth considering. However, choosing a laptop with increased storage benefits, especially video editing.

4.   Good battery life

Most bloggers consider long battery life while choosing the best laptops. It should have at least four hours of power sustenance to reduce the high need for power outlets. Blogging laptops require extended battery life due to increased traveling to new destinations.

Many blogging laptops have a rule requiring 8-12 hours battery life for single charging. Travel bloggers require laptops with good battery life to favor their lifestyle, opting for a laptop power bank for all-time charging.

5.   Processor

The use of word press or Google docs on different laptops gives any processor performance. It’s advisable to look for powerful hardware for faster browsing with major processor specs like an Intel Core i7 processor and 8GB RAM for editing videos. You, therefore, need to ensure that the laptop comes with such minimum processing power.

6.   CPU

While choosing the best laptop, it’s better to avoid those with Media Tek, Celeron, or Pentium labels if it’s not stated as a chrome book. The CPU needs to have Intel UHD graphics and Core i3 CPUs with AMD Ryzen 3 chips 8th generation.

7.   Performance

A blogging laptop needs to have a better performance which is not necessarily super fancy. The performance requires searching for a strong processor, high RAM, and fast CPU. It’s crucial to ensure that the laptop you are selecting has the three elements for enhancing excellent performance.

8.   Price

Laptops come with varying prices which depend on the buyer. Their features and components greatly justify the high indicated price tags, therefore, the need to consider the price while determining the best.

Similar to other life aspects, buyers generally get what they pay. Going for inexpensive laptops may affect its functionality and system resiliency. The laptop is a business investment worth spending money on its purchase since blogging brings in money.

9.   Connectivity

Busy bloggers require laptops with easier connectivity with other essential devices with minimal effort. Multiple ports necessitate sufficient connectivity.

10. Screen resolution

The fact that bloggers aren’t tied to specific spots requires having adequate lighting conditions.

An excellent screen resolution should be an essential consideration due to blogging outdoors at any given time. Laptop display quality determines length time for comfortable blogging with reduced straining

Best laptops for blogging

After careful consideration of the above-listed factors, the following make the best choice;

1.   ASUS Zenbook 15.6″

This laptop for blogging is an ideal powerhouse with an intel core i7 processor, 512 GB SSD, 16 RAM storage, and NVIDIA GPU. Its highly comfortable keyboard facilitates extensive working hours with multitasking tools. This laptop creates high-quality blog infographics. Although it’s a bit expensive, it’s worth choosing due to its numerous blogging benefits.

  • Asus zenbook laptop has solid performance with a matte display
  • there is a premium design that promotes its selection
  • The excellent battery life makes it ideal for travel bloggers.
  • Its CPU performance is inconsistent
  • the keyboard layout is somehow weird
  • it lacks thunderbolt three support

2.   MacBook Air M1

It’s a good choice for apple MacBook Air lovers due to its Apple’s silicon use and functioning similarly to a pro laptop. The laptop specs are its latest M1 Chip making it highly efficient with 18 hours battery life, giving working from anywhere freedom with increased compatibility. Many people opt for Mac laptops, with Macbook Air 13 a super quality pick for blogging. This best apple laptop is ideal for use due to;

  • Multiple hours are working with reduced burning out enhanced by increased productivity.
  • It has an excellent keyboard for enjoying typing.
  • Its lightweight making it highly portable.
  • The M1 Chip gives a quick performance than other CPUs due to its superiority.
  • The 8GB RAM makes it efficient and effective for travel bloggers with an enormous display.
  • There is a Touch ID fingerprint login and a giant trackpad giving multiple ribs openings without being stuck

What makes it the best blogging laptop?

The fact that it is high performing for getting al blogging tasks efficiently and effectively done is a point to note.

The M1 Chip used takes its performance to an extra level that many bloggers find worth using. There is also effective battery use due to better power saving which reduces the blogger’s worry about power-related issues.

  • Excellent battery life
  • Fast operations with reduced lagging chances
  • Highly affordable laptop with elegant design
  • Its fanless design facilitates silent operations
  • Its Face Time HD camera with an image signal processor facilitates easier video calls.
  • Macbook air fails to offer touch screen options
  • It has a terrible webcam with only USB-C ports

3.   Lenovo IdeaPad 3

The powerful hardware mix guarantees effective multitasking and uninterrupted performance, therefore best budget laptop for bloggers. The portability, extended power, and efficiency add to numerous benefits achieved from this laptop.

It has a 10th generation intel core 13 processor ideal for top-notch performance. It comes with an effective price to performance ratio, which is a significant consideration many bloggers make while determining the right choice.

  • It comes with an anti-glare display
  • Increased storage space.
  • its battery life is the shortest
  • Relatively heavy

4.   Acer Aspire R15

It’s among the best laptops many bloggers use due to its high affordability. The perfect battery life and enhanced portability make it the best choice to undertake. This cheapest laptop fits within the budget due to its powerful processor.


  • Intel Wireless Wi-Fi 6
  • 14 inch full HD display with LED-backlit
  • 4GB memory expandable to 12GB
  • 10th gen intel processor
  • Lightweight laptop for easier carrying around
  • Reduced lagging chances when opening multiple tabs and browsers, which gives excellent performance
  • High-quality screen with a sturdy keyboard which is a perfect match for bloggers.
  • Good battery life giving it a premium look.
  • Its touchpad is of poor quality
  • There is a non-vibrant screen making it not as thin as other laptops

5.   Macbook pro

Apple macbook pro with M1 chip ranks as best blogging laptop. It has 16 core neural engines,5x graphics speed, and eight-core CPUs. Macbook pro 13 inches is a vital and unique tool for social engagement.

This macbook pro laptop is different from others due to M1 chip insertion, which increases the overall speed twice that of an average one. Macbook pro comes with a matte display relevant for a travel blogger.

  • Highly suitable laptop for travel bloggers due to its lightweight
  • Smooth system running guaranteed by the efficient UCP regardless of existing or available external conditions.
  • Excellent retina display due to high-quality mic array
  • Fast speed and is proved responsiveness which gives blast performance.
  • It’s an ideal choice due to its improvements than other previous versions suiting it for blogging or podcasts.
  • This blogging laptop is highly expensive
  • Lacks touch screen

6.   Microsoft Surface Pro X Laptop

It’s a high-performance laptop with improved quality for impeccable content creation. The reduced burning up despite multiple tabs opening makes it relatively faster. This laptop gives faster browsing, superior to good blogging results.

Microsoft surface laptop lacks compatibility for 64-bit window application which gives must use 32-bit versions and an on the goroutine.

  • An adaptable and ultra-slim adapter makes any changes to the required laptop anytime.
  • This laptop is ideal for the goroutine, for there is an advanced connection to proving it unimaginable.
  • Lacks stylus and type cover inclusion
  • Micro SD space currently unavailable
  • Its ARM CPU requires great concern

7.   Dell XPS 13

It’s an ideal laptop for blogging since its easier usage fits all businesses. It’s a modernized built laptop with excellent screen quality, a convenient touchpad, and great webcam results enhancing editing photos. Such features raise the general worthwhile of using this laptop in the blogging business.

  • it’s the best laptop for travel bloggers due to its lightweight and increased portability.
  • Good battery life gives efficient whole day working without frequent charging.
  • The 720 p webcam enhances better graphic performance due to the provision of better intel UHD graphics for the blog post.
  • The bottom-mounted speaker provides excellent and clean sound, which lowers the overall stress since there is no system available.
  • Practical keyboard and touchpad performance dramatically impacts the blog post or formulation.
  • A bit expensive
  • Its port selection is limited

8.   Lenovo Flex 5

It’s the best laptop for blogging due to its convertible 2-in-1 laptop. A good blogging laptop is an essential element while deciding to start blogging.

This laptop is well known for enough storage, improved performance, and adequate storage, making a perfect answer in the best laptop for blogging. The 360-degree flex movement enhances tablet mode conversion.

  • A high-quality screen enhances the production of beautiful and colorful results.
  • Has fingerprinter scanner, which enhances improved security.
  • It comes with a digital pen for efficient working on adobe illustrator.
  • Super-fast due to its high-performance processor suiting video editing and graphic designing.
  • It’s a good option for its lying on the best laptops for blogging with specifications, adequate storage, and improved performance.
  • it’s a bulky laptop
  • Its charging system is a bit slow

9.   HP Envy X360

This laptop falls among the best cheap laptop with affordable prices.

The increased rate of many people shifting to make blog sites has increased blogging popularity. Such options require going for good quality laptops.

  • This laptop has a long battery life of 11 to 12 hours, ideal for travel bloggers.
  • Comfortable typing enhanced by its fantastic ergonomic keyboard with easier bouncing between the fingerprints.
  • Dual speakers enhance mixed audio results production, which factors on music genre.
  • Improved intel iris xe graphics help in great graphics use.
  • Friendly and spontaneous touchscreen display with increased brightness nits highly impressive for good result performance.
  • Relatively fast attributed by intel core i5 CPU
  • Easier multitasking like video editing, loading website, and watching 4k videos with reduced problems.
  • It has a plastic touchpad
  • Very loud fans

10. Acer Chromebook R11

This laptop for blogging bet suits travel blogger with kids due to more straightforward battling with the excellent material.

It’s also an inexpensive laptop where bloggers can easily buy and enjoy it with reduced spending. The long battery life, compact display, and average storage level make the best.


  • 2-4GB RAM
  • 32GB storage
  • Good video editing performance.
  • It’s among the best laptops for blogging due to its good video performance and good connectivity.
  • Exceptionally survives kiddie apocalypse making it best laptops for mommy bloggers
  • A sturdy and waterproof keyboard facilitates comfortable typing with reduced worries.
  • Unavailable touch screens
  • Reduced quality webcam
  • Its CPU performance does not give good result.

11. Dell Inspiration 13

The windows ten present in this laptop gives easier and faster startup while giving pro-level experience. Its peak performance helps in video editing word press and Google Docs use. its vast storage space and bigger screen make it rank under best blogging laptops.

  • It has a comfy keyboard with a good display
  • Highly affordable for its simple design
  • Its battery life is short
  • It has tiny speakers with the hazardous trackpad

12. ASUS VivoBook Ultra 15

It’s an excellent laptop for blogging due to its sleek and slim performance with reduced, compromised performance. It best suits bloggers on budget with enough power and higher affordability. It gives a 10th generation intel core i3 processor, unlike using intel core i5 with traditional laptops. The laptop features include;

Lightweight and thin design, SSD storage for fast blogging, and a windows ten home operating system. Its powerful Ryzen 5 processor makes the best processor for superior productivity.


  • 128GB SSD and 8GBs RAM storage
  • Vega 8 GPU
  • Windows 10 S mode
  • AMD Radeon Vega 8 graphics card
  • Frameless four-sided Nanoedge display
  • Intel core UHD 620
  • It’s a great laptop with comprehensive connections like USB Type-C and hdmi port.
  • The numerical keypad facilitates easier crunching of the numbers for bloggers working with numerical data.
  • Heavy applications enhance Seamless multitasking, which gives better performance and improved experience.
  • RAM upgrades give excellent performance comparable to Asus zenbook.
  • Large 15.6-inch screen facilitating easier blogging
  • Equipped with a full-size backlit keyboard with blue light.
  • One year device warranty and 6-month accessories warranty from the manufacturer for enhanced and prolonged performance
  • Window 10 S model with no pre-installed MS
  • Unavailable discrete graphics
  • Its battery life is not the best

13. Lenovo 100E Chromebook

This laptop for bloggers is best for blogging-related tasks like web browsing photos and video editing. The anti-glare display and keyboard make it an ideal blogging laptop.

  • These cheap laptops are affordable, requiring a few sacrifices coming with a good quality keyboard.
  • Matte gray finish covering shield-shaped keys gives comfortable typing.
  • Highly responsive touchpad to gestures making it relatively soft.
  • Comfortable 10 Google chrome tabs handling while viewing youtube videos.
  • It has sufficient graphics for most tasks making it best for bloggers using resource-intensive programs.
  • Long battery life lasting more than 10 hours
  • old model
  • lacks modern features

14. HP Pavilion 15

It’s a hip laptop with a bright touchscreen ideal for outdoor working. The 8GB RAM gives an excellent choice for all blogging business tasks. Its intel core i5 processor gives outstanding performance with a satisfactory blogging experience. HP Pavilion 15 is perfect for light video editing tasks due to multiple resource-intensive program handling and Intel UHD graphics.

  • This blogging laptop offers a bright display lowering working strains enhanced by micro-edge technology.
  • The simplistic design retained enables easier round to square edge movement with its more-polished appearance.
  • Thin and sleek design amounting to better-looking hp laptop for bloggers.
  • Convenient HDMI port and faster charging due to USB Type C.

    15. HP Spectre x360

    It’s an ideal laptop with large storage space with 1TB SSD for faster loading times. This laptop directly competes with Microsoft surface pro 7. The 8th generation i7 processor, 16GB RAM, and Intel UHD graphics 620 make it fairly powerful.

    Although such laptop specs are amazing, it is not highly competitive to Microsoft surface pro 7. The major reason for such competition is storage space which is almost four times that of Microsoft surface pro 7.

    • It has large file storage and programs with ease.
    • Long battery life with 16 hours working
    • Amazing FHD display resolution
    • Stylus doesn’t attach magnet can easily get lost

    16. MSI Modern 14

    This blogging laptop best suits bloggers with multiple logs for youtube videos editing due to its 10th gen processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 GPU for rendering video files.

    The long battery life works for approximately 13.5 hours, making it highly suitable for gaming. Its powerful Ryzen 5 processor for ultimate speed and performance makes sit the best blogging laptop.


    • Backlit keyboard
    • Preloaded Windows 10 for lifetime validity
    • 4th gen AMD Intel processor
    • Great battery life with 0ver 8 hours use for excellent performance
    • Lightweight and ultrathin for effective and improved portability
    • Offers military grade durability standards
    • Mass storage enhanced by 64GB RAM
    • Lacks high transfer speeds
    • Lack of camera fixing to the mark

    17. LG Gram 14

    It’s advisable to have a laptop with adequate power due to increased research on the latest blog posts. LG Gram 14 is an excellent option for reducing the high chances of getting tied to power sockets. Its battery life operates up to 22 hours with a super impressive last of 14-16 hours.


    • Intel Core i5 processor
    • Integrated UHD graphics
    • 8GB RAM with 512GB SSD storage
    • 2.20lbs laptop with 14 hours single charge
    • Extremely lightweight, which enhances portability.
    • Multiple tabs running with simultaneous writing.
    • Increased cooling processor aids in less power consumption.
    • Suitable laptop for bloggers doing light video or photo editing tasks
    • Have best in class battery life
    • Excellent sound quality and display panels
    • It lacks an infrared camera making it unsuitable to use at night
    • lacks dedicated graphics card

    18. Acer Swift 3

    This laptop best suits beginners and expert bloggers. Photo and video editors frequently conduct this task due to this laptop’s light and moderate editing.


    • 512GB SSD
    • Lightweight with good hardware
    • LED backlight
    • AMD Ryzen 7 processor
    • 2.6lbs weight
    • 14-inch FHD screen
    • Nvidia GeForce MX150 Intel HD graphics
    • The extended battery life have less power consumption
    • Powered through all blogging tasks by integrated graphics and AMD Ryzen 7.
    • Lightweight ideal for taking along with
    • It’s a great value for money with the amazing display quality.
    • A solid and stylish laptop available at a low price increases the need.
    • Lacks discrete graphics
    • It’s a bit plain

    19. HP Envy 17t

    Many bloggers have increased the popularity of bigger laptops due to their specs, although it’s not suitable for portability. It forms an excellent example of 17-inch laptops valuable in the marketplace.


    • 11th Gen intel core i7 processor
    • 17.3-inch touch screen
    • FHD (1920×1080) resolution
    • 32GB memory
    • Integrated intel iris xe graphics facilitates graphical work performance
    • Good battery life with 9 hours screen time on a single charge
    • Increased memory storage paired with the intel core i7 gives excellent performance for multitasking.
    • A high-resolution IPS panel gives vibrant color and contrast displays.
    • Satisfactory performance enhanced by integrated GPU
    • Runs hot during heavy workload
    • heavyweight with 6.02lbs

    20. Google Pixelbook Go

    This cheap laptop ranks among the best due to increased awareness of making the best Chromebooks. It fits in such a category due to the comfortable keyboard and adequate internet connection. This laptop is also relatively cheap than other standard laptops.


    • Full HD touch screen
    • 256GB MMC storage
    • Good battery life
    • Good battery life lasting the whole workday, therefore suitable for a travel blogger.
    • Best keyboards enhancing lengthy writing posts
    • Light and thin suited for enhanced portability.
    • Its intel iris core graphics gives better performance
    • Champ running

    21. Surface Laptop4

    It’s a stylish and great laptop used for blogging. Such design and light chassis distinguish it from that of competitors. The excellent keyboard gives comfortable blogging.


    • 32 GB RAM storage
    • 1TB storage space
    • Great battery life with increased blogging hours therefore ideal for a travel blogger
    • Good portability enhanced by the thin and light design
    • Brilliant Windows 10 running, which improves its overall performance
    • It lacks enough ports

    22. Avita Liber

    This laptop offers great specifications attributed to the i5 processor with maximum speed.

    Why is it the best blogging laptop

    It makes such a right fit due to its thin and lightweight coming with a premium look. The fact that it has a2 year warranty and has better battery performance makes it a good selection


    • Windows 10 lifetime validity
    • 8GB RAM
    • 256 SSD
    • Anti-glare screen
    • Extended battery life of up to 10 hours
    • Available2 years warranty exempting one payment for such period
    • The aluminum body facilitates easier laptop carriage
    • Inappropriate display resolution

    23. HP 14 Ultra-thin

    Bloggers choose this laptop when in need of huge storage space that facilitates all blogging tasks to be easily done.

    Why it is the best blogging laptop?

    Its huge storage space and lightweight give good portability. The big display anti-glare screen and intel processor enhances better performance therefore worth selection


    • 128GB storage
    • Intel uhd graphics
    • 8GB DDR4 RAM
    • Preloaded Windows 10
    • It gives extended power performance due to its good battery
    • The massive storage gives the adequate location of all needed blogs separately
    • The Windows 10-lifetime subscription makes a huge plus point in such a blogging laptop.
    • It lacks an available keyboard backlit, making it unsuitable for nighttime use.

    24. Lenovo ThinkPad E15

    Bloggers often look for laptops built to withstand rugged usage plus accidental knocks. This laptop forms a major consideration when it comes to such factors.

    What makes it the best blogging laptop?

    The maximum speed with 10 hours runtime and faster performance makes it an ideal selection for many bloggers looking for laptops worth better performances.


    • Windows 10 Home lifetime validity
    • 11th gen intel processor with 3.0Ghz base speed
    • Full HD display 15.6-inch screen
    • 4GB RAM and 256GB SSD storage
    • Highly accidental spills handling with rugged usage adaptation
    • The pre-installed windows 10 home is a good addition to the bloggers
    • This laptop lacks a backlit keyboard making it highly infective for nighttime use

    25. Dell Inspiron 15

    Due to high storage options, it’s among the major incredible laptops many bloggers need for their blogging tasks. Such space helps in easier file management due to multiple blog takes used. AMD Radeon Vega Graphics highly facilitates gaming and video experience, making it a worthy selection.


    • 15.6 inch anti-glare LED backlight display
    • Pre-installed windows 10 home and student 2019
    • 4GB RAM and 256GB SSD
    • Huge data storage offered with the 1TB HDD and 256 GB SSD
    • High-speed transfers facilitated by the two USB ports
    • Lacks backlit keyboard

    Recommended blogging specs

    The specifics below are important to have before picking the beadle to transport storage.

    1. Automated Wi-Fi.
    2. RAM selection is the best due to the increased probability
    3. A solid-state drive(SSD) with incased blogging laptop making it heavy software makes an ideal blogger selection.

    Essential Gadget for Bloggers

    It’s vital to access the right gadgets to make the most out of a blogger’s day. Although laptops make a great choice, there are also other important gadgets to improve blogging activity.

    1. Wireless external hard disk

    Laptops like Macbook Air have fewer storage options despite being high-performance machines. Such an instance requires an external hard disk to facilitate more files and photo storage. The reduced stress of deleting or removing some files creates additional space for new files. Such an instance is challenging since it amounts to deleting important blogs that one may not want. Three are various recommended wireless external HDDs for data storage, such  as;

    i. Seagate Expansion 2TB

    It is among the bestselling hard drives on Amazon due to its reduced chances of installing additional software for its ready-to-use. The powerful features like password protection, super-speed USB, and automatic backup make it an ideal choice selected by many bloggers. The manufacturer provides a 3-year warranty, and it is not that expensive.

    ii. Western digital WD 2TB

    It’s the most popular HDD worldwide by many bloggers due to its high necessity. Software protection, automatic backup, and hardware encryption features make it an ideal choice. Its affordable price makes it easily accessible with an added three-year warranty from the manufacturer.

    2. Wireless Wi-Fi Router

    Wireless routers enhance laptop connectivity with multiple devices like smartphones and tablets regardless of whether one is a gamer, blogger, or writer. Multiple wireless routers are available, demanding selection based on one’s interest and specifications. Such includes;

    i.TP-Link Archer C6

    It’s among the best amazon selling Wi-Fi routers due to its affordable price. The dual-band 1200 Mbps inclusion with 5 Gigabit ports plus five antennas suits blogging use.

    ii. Tenda AC5

    Many bloggers highly select this affordable and great Wi-Fi router due to its reduced prices and highly powerful. It has a 1200 Dual Band with 300 Mbps and 1GHZ CPU for improved speed to enhance better performances.

    3. Wireless headphones

    Different bloggers opt for voice typing, which involves typing the content with their voice raising the need for wireless headphones. There are times when bloggers get bored while typing with their hands, requiring voice typing to complete the task. Such enhances relaxation while listening to music with nice wireless headphones pair. These gadgets are essentially the most needed by many bloggers requiring selecting different categories available in the marketplace. Such includes;

    i. Boat Rockerz 600

    It’s a long-lasting wireless headphone making a perfect choice for many bloggers. The available 450mAh battery gives extended power life ideal for blogging. The simple ear cup tap facilitates volume adjustments, pausing and playing, and answering all calls during such times. The year warranty provision from the time of purchase facilitates better performance with reduced prices.

    ii. One Plus Bullets Wireless Z

    An in-ear wireless earphone makes a great option for many bloggers looking for sweat or water resistance. The 10m hour playback music provision gives massive playtime with a 7-hour full charge. It facilitates easier call making with reduced noise or disruption enhanced by a noise-canceling algorithm microphone. It also comes within warranty, making a perfect selection.

    4. Smartphone

    This device is important for blog tasks management like blog comments replies, using Google docs to write something and social media scheduling posts requires fast processing smartphone. Various best smartphones make an ideal selection, such as Samsung Galaxy M31 and Apple iPhone 11.

    5. Tablets

    They form an essential gadget for laptop replacement while traveling. Bloggers can easily write and work on these tablets while on the go, enhancing complete blogging performance. Although some laptops are perfect for use even while traveling, some are pretty heavy, requiring replacement. Tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and Apple pad make perfect bloggers selection.


    Can a gaming laptop be used for blogging?

    Yes. Gaming laptops are used for blogging due to their powerful hardware. Also, they make a perfect laptop for bloggers with reduced traveling and require a lot of video editing software.

    What kind of laptop makes the best for blogging?

    The best blogging laptops must have 8GB RAM and a comfy keyboard. It also needs to be lightweight and has excellent battery life. Dedicated GPU is an added advantage due to editing photos and videos for blogs.

    Can one use a Chromebook for blogging?

    Chromebook makes a perfect selection when blogging light tasks. They help in writing and posting posts and photos online. Windows or Mac-based laptops are highly compatible with Chromebooks run on Chrome OS. The OS acting as available storage lowers the high need to handle huge tasks without requiring laptops to store huge files. The laptop mode needs to have adequate ram and high-speed processors.

    Does numerical pad function like a deal-breaker in blogging laptops?

    Numerical pads do not necessarily have to be a deal-breaker with reduced figure comparisons. Their great use directly relates to constantly using numbers for research and multiple blog tasks.

    Should laptops be must-have requirements while blogging?

    It’s unnecessary to have a laptop to start a blog since tablets and smartphones aid with such tasks. Advice relating to using the laptop for blogging emanates from difficulty typing while using such devices. Getting the best blogging laptops is an important decision with a 2-in-1 forming best selection. It is easier to switch between tablet and laptop mode anytime with portability advantage.

    What laptop brand is best for daily and regular blogging?

    Apple laptop brands make the best choice due to superior performance, comfortability, and easier handling. Apple Macbooks is the best blogging laptop for daily blogging with increased hour performance depending on the storage options.

    What is the best windows laptop?

    Window-based laptops are highly available for choice, depending on the blogger. They range from Lenovo Sony to Dell. The laptops listed above are majorly window-based, which selection depends on blogging needs and budget.

    What are the best laptop hacks for bloggers?

    Bloggers have a major hack rather than paying extra to have a high storage option. It’s ideal to go for the cheapest model and use an external hard disk. For instance, rather than buying an expensive Macbook Air laptop of 256 GB Version, bloggers opt for a 128GB version, which is relatively cheaper. 

    The Final Verdict

    There is a great need to get a laptop with many benefits while blogging due to large differences. It isn’t very clear when deciding on the type of laptop to buy, especially for bloggers. There is an increased chance of worrying about spending money to purchase the wrong one. It’s essential to go through a laptop buying guide to determine the essential points worth considering while looking for the best laptop for blogging.

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