Best SEO Software For Small Business

Over the years, technology has revolutionized the way business is done. Businesses that embrace it are doing fairly well than those yet to fully embrace technology in their business operations. With most business owners now relying on the internet to boost their sales, smart ones rely on it much more to market and strengthen their brands.

That said, still a lot more even after being fully aware of the benefits of Search Engine Optimization, assume that this is a time-consuming exercise or is too costly to learn and apply. The truth is that SEO is neither a time-consuming technique to learn and implement as today, several best SEO software for small business are at the business owner’s disposal. These SEO tools make the whole process easier to implement.

To get a better picture of the best way to apply in your business’s daily running, a few resourceful websites such as YouTube and discussion boards can be of very much help. In 2022, SEO practices need not sound difficult. As soon as you grasp the concept, you are a step closer to higher organic rankings.

Why SEO tools?

With the best SEO tool, you no longer require resources to regularly update you with the algorithm updates like those made by Google every year. Yours will be to sit back and let the SEO program you choose for your small business work for you.

This guide saves you time to choose the best tool. That said, still a lot more even after being fully aware of the benefits of Search Engine Optimization, assume that this is a time-consuming exercise or is too costly to learn and apply. The truth is that SEO is neither a time-consuming technique to learn and implement as today, several best SEO software for small business are at the business owner’s disposal. These SEO tools make the whole process easier to implement. make the whole process easier to implement. and also gives you insight on how to pick a program for SEO that suits your business’s needs. But first, off, how does your business benefit from search engine optimization?

Best SEO Software For Small Business
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Is SEO worth it for small businesses?

Truth be told, the long-term benefits that SEO has to a small business are far much more than those of paid advertising. If your start-up needs to cut down on the amount they are spending, then marketing should be those areas that should be allocated the least amount of money. The question thus begs, is SEO worth it for your start-up with the best SEO software for small business?

A good SEO strategy attracts your audience while at the same time catching search engines attention and appearing on the top pages of the search engine results page. This way, customers can quickly and effortlessly find your website.

To get these major search engines to see your website is not a walk in the park. You need to have in place an agile marketing team with the prowess of crafting high volumes of content like articles, blog posts, ebooks, social media content, how-to guides, whitepapers, audio, and video recordings, tutorials infographics, and any other visual content.

Why SEO Software For Small Business?

According to research done by AdAge, up to 81% of users find sites via search engines. This, therefore, suggests the importance of your business having some form of presence on search engines. There are two ways to earn this presence; one is by SEO and the other, by purchasing through Pay Per Click advertising (PPC).

The process of optimizing a site to be search engine friendly is called SEO. It comprises a whole lot of areas such as the ones listed above. You can automize keywords or link building, which may take some time to successfully achieve as search engines like Google utilizes complex algorithms to rank sites. Hence SEO guidelines are prone to change from time to time.

There is a possibility for your small business website ranking to be altered once the search engines release an updated algorithm. On the other hand, if you are optimizing your site using the white hat SEO technique your site will continue going up the SEO even without paying search engines for the privilege.

A business owner can buy advertisements and sponsored links through PPC and have their site rank well on SERPs. The PPC price can vary depending on where you purchase them, this can sometimes be a very costly way to have your small business website rank high in the long run.

Both SEO and PPC cannot guarantee you the front-page spot-on Google but if you do them well but can be resourceful. SEO and PPC vary in the amount and time it takes to bring results. PPC can take less time but is relatively expensive. While SEO may take more time, it is not costly and is beneficial in the long run with the best SEO software for small business .

SEO’s Organic Results Are More Respected

It is observed that more users are likely to click on organic results generated by SEO than PPC results. Most users progressively learn the difference between the two results and discover how much organic results are to them compared to paid results.

On the other hand, the location of the ads also determines the likelihood of visitors clicking them. More often than not, most users seldom recognize ads placed on the right side of the screen. They often click on the ads at the top of the organic results. With the overwhelming number of organic search results click, a smart small business owner would side with SEO-generated organic marketing.

Best SEO Software

1)   Google Keyword Planner

If you are looking for the best free SEO tools for your small business, you should consider giving Google Keyword Planner a shot. This SEO tool lets you select the right keywords as this is the key to the success of your small business SEO process. Besides, it also helps you identify the related ad groups and the right keywords that are appropriate to your niche.

When using this SEO tool, you can easily see the kind of terms that users are searching for and how often they search the terms. The free SEO tool goes ahead to break up your keyword depending on the keyword competitiveness and search volume.

Keyword competitiveness is the number of times sites on your niche target a specific keyword, while search volume means the total number of times users search a particular keyword in a month.

Why this tool?

This program also shows other keywords that people in your area search. It displays the keywords with both low competition and high volume you might have never known existed and could be a resource to your small business and overall company SEO efforts.

This small business SEO software also allows for location adjustment in which you choose the location of your search. This feature is excellent for small businesses looking to optimize their sites for local SEO. While you can access through AdWords, you don’t have to own a PPC campaign to use this tool.

You only have to visit the AdWords home screen and log into your Gmail account and choose the option “Tools” at the top bar to forego the campaigns. It still won’t cost you a thing when you leverage insights like the bid cost and keyword competitiveness. Hence, this tool remains to be one of the best free SEO programs to use for your small business.

2)   Screaming Frog

screaming frog
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Screaming frog SEO tool has many useful features that can help your start-up website rank high on SERPs. As a business owner, you will find this tool quite helpful when conducting technical auditing of your site’s SEO aspects and backlink analysis for broken links.

Download this SEO program and key in your website domain and then click on the option “Crawl All Subdomains”. It will provide complete audit details of all the website pages within a few moments.

You can identify all problems including error meta tags and status codes without having to waste time on manual auditing of your website page by page. These features give this SEO software a competitive edge over most other programs for SEO for small businesses.

3)   Google Search Console

google search console
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When choosing the best search engine optimization tools for your startup, the Google search console should feature in your list. It is also referred to as Google Webmaster Tools. Google search console is an ideal one as it monitors what Google thinks about your business site from a back-end perspective.

Webmasters would initially use Google Search Console to manage pages that were down, (404 Error) or those not properly indexed. Today, the Google search console is among the best software for SEO purposes as it indicates vital pieces of data that you can’t find elsewhere.

It also shows you the backlinks associated with your site, the number of impressions and clicks your site gets daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly, besides alerting you on 404s and crawl errors. This software shows you exactly where you rank for certain keywords and how users find your website pages. If all this information can be utilized well, the Google search console will make your site much better for users.

4)   Google Analytics

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Google analytics has long held its position as one of the best SEO tools for startups, Google Analytics comes with a bunch of useful features that will enable you to optimize your site for google search engines. Use google analytics to know who visits your web page, how users access your page, and the most frequently viewed pages of your site.

With this information, you can determine whether you are getting traffic from a referral from social media platforms or just organic traffic from Google. Google Analytics also allows you to track your return on investment based on certain goals, lets you try new ways to help better your site’s usability, identifies keywords that do or do not drive traffic to your site, etc. All this helps you attain a better conversion.

The only drawback for google analytics is that it may be hard to use for the first time, however, there is a myriad of informational videos and resources on how to use Analytics like a professional. These will see you leverage Google Analytics and boost your site optimization. Be sure to configure Analytics for your site’s SEO campaign to be complete.

5)   Open Site Explorer

This SEO tool for a start-up comes in both free and pro-version. You can arguably attain a lot using the free version, however, for better results, the pro account is the real deal. This is the best program for SEO for identifying new link-building opportunities. It also tracks the backlink profile of your small business website.

It can collect the links on other sites that link back to your website, and also it provides the Domain Authority rating of your site that links back to yours. With this information delivered by Moz, Google concludes that your website is valuable and ranks it well on SERPs.

Moz is liked by webmasters for how it organizes information and presents it in a clear picture, giving you the exact picture of how your site looks before the eyes of Google. MozBar, on the other hand, is a chrome extension and an additional tool of Moz can effortlessly be linked on the Chrome browser and help to retrieve vital metrics Domain Authority and even Spam Score of your site.

MozBar is either found on the bottom or at the top of your browser and can either be activated or deactivated using a button. It also provides free but effective SEO tools to help your site rank better. It’s a tool that assures quality SEO for startups.

6)   Go Incognito

In the past, it was easy for iOS to privately browse their mobile website. Today, you can use the core app of Google to search from your main screen, incognito.

This feature lets you know how certain terms rank on the search results pages, since the specific search information that Google stores will be excluded when you log in. Therefore, the result you get is free from your history or personal preference.

The autofill feature on the other hand is triggered by the incognito search bar window and becomes very useful in getting keyword ideas. Therefore, private browsing is no anymore limited to iPhones but you can access this feature even when using Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.

7)   Google’s Goodie – Google Trends

This SEO tool is also free for businesses to use to compare different topics. It ensures you are up to date with the latest industry trends before your industry competitors. Small business owners can use this SEO tool to see what others are googling, in real-time. Since this program is linked to Google News, brings you data that is insightful for your small firm owners that strive to be ahead of the latest news and stories.

If you have just recently started your firm, it is also possible that your business website is equally new, hence you might want to first build authorship of your site across the industry-related sites. You therefore can count on this program to give you article ideas and blog posts you can pitch to other sites. The new keyword ideas can lead you in writing posts for your small company website too.

8)   Google My Business

Google My Business is a social media program that was launched in 2014. Your small company needs this tool to assist in your SEO strategies. The program lets your business maintain a complete and updated profile on Google My Business Listings.

With your complete and updated profile accessible in this profile, your site will rank better and the program will further provide your Google-Integrated location information on Google maps, Google’s testimonials, listings from other sites as well as your company contact information. If you are doing all you can’t but your site doesn’t seem to rise the ranks, perhaps you might try this Free SEO software for the small firm.

9)   Xenu’s Link Sleuth

Best SEO Software For Small Business

Xenu Link Sleuth is a spider in SEO, you never again should let technical SEO stuff intimidate you. You can rely on this tool to give you valuable details of all broken links on your site. Xenu’s Link Sleuth will also highlight any content issue found on your website. Besides that, this SEO program lets you make the much-needed changes to see your site rise the organic rankings.

If you need software that validates frames, text links, backgrounds, images, and much more, this is it. Unlike most of these listed SEO tools here, this is a PC program, meaning that you have to install it on your PC. Therefore, whenever you need to download it, ensure you download its updated version and one that is compatible with your operating system.

Paid SEO Software for Small Companies

1)   Semrush

Best SEO Software For Small Business

This is a complete SEO platform providing you with tools for backlink analysis, site auditing, competitor analysis, keyword research, keyword rank tracking to help you through your SEO campaign. It is considered the market leader for all-in-one SEO tools. It comes with a myriad of features as well as SEO, SEM, and PPC data.

This program is a recommended set of SEO tools for your start-up if you are interested in software with features that can provide you with the leading keyword research, competitor data, and rank tracking. The software provides three fixed monthly or yearly plans including the Pro at $119.95 a month. This is ideal for small businesses and in-house teams.

The Guru plan for $229.25 a month is excellent for marketing and consultants, while the Business plan goes for $449.95 per month, best for large enterprises and agencies. The software also offers a 7-day free trial period to users who would first want to try it out before making a purchasing decision.

2)   SE Ranking

If you are scouting for an affordable all-in-one SEO software that features a keyword tracker, keyword research tools, web auditing, competitor analysis, backlink monitoring, and more, then this is the software.

It could be termed as an excellent Semrush alternative for its flexible pricing plan and comes with almost all features that Semrush comes with. With it, you can perform extensive research and competitive analysis for keyword opportunities. You also can access backlink sources thanks to the large updated database.

You will also be provided with unique page changes results and can be able to set up alerts on any modifications that happen to your competitor sites or your business site. If you are looking for a complete toolkit at an affordable price, then you should consider giving SE Ranking a try.

The SEO software provides three fixed monthly or yearly plans with various options to adjust the price of the plan based on the keyword tracking number, frequency of ranking data updates, and subscription period.

What’s the price?

The essential plan starts at $23.40 a month. This is ideal for freelancers and a few marketers.

The pro plan on the other hand starts at $53.40 a month; it is ideal for marketing teams and businesses while the business plan starts from $113.40 a month. This is intended for large enterprises and agencies. You also are offered a 14-day free trial period.

3)   SEOptimer

This program’s DIY plan is perfect for small firms as it helps them to audit their sites. It lets you audit your web pages to check and fix whatever SEO issues that prevent your website from rising through the ranks. The SEO crawler on the other hand crawls each of your web pages and provides SEO issues in bulk.

The Task and Progress Management feature allows for tracking the progress on all SEO issues and suggests how you can fix them. You can also track your ranking position over time, against your target keywords using the keyword tracking feature. The SEO toolbox contains more than 50 SEO tools that run various checks.

This SEO program for small businesses is highly affordable to small and medium enterprises, pricing starting from a paltry $19 per month. It also comes with a 14 day free trial period within which you can dig into its features to determine whether it can suit your SEO needs in the long run.

4)   Wordtracker

This SEO program ads keyword data and their proprietary sources. You can find new keywords to target by incorporating the paid and organic keyword data. With a paid plan that starts from $27 per month, this SEO program lets you perform a bunch of free searches.

For better results using Wordtracker, find new keyword opportunities around your keyword of choice and make sure you settle on those with decent search volume but little competition.

Types of Startups that Need SEO

Every business is different from another in various aspects; hence it pays to find an excellent strategy to promote your brand. On the other hand, as seen before, SEO rules keep changing by the day, and can be almost impossible to know the right recipe that can automatically make it work. 

This is why you need updated SEO software for your small business as it is up to date with the latest SEO rules. Certain businesses such as manufacturing and retail, home services, and the healthcare industry employ the most competitive SEO strategies.

Most online users are more inclined to search for service providers than the rest. If your small business fits these characteristics, then you can benefit largely from the best SEO software and have your startup have a solid online presence.

Local business

You can use local SEO and search tactics that target customers based on your locality. Consider using mobile SEO and voice search when using this strategy.

A startup with SKUs

If you are operating a location-independent business like an eCommerce store with many SKUs you can easily rank for each product. You should therefore consider crafting different pieces of content with various keywords.

Growing in popularity

If you just launched a website or a new online service and want to grow in popularity within a certain duration, SEO efforts can be of help.

Remote startup businesses

Customer visibility, gaining a wider audience and brand authority all highly depends on the SEO strategies your remote small business is putting in.

An industry with high search volume

Certain industries such as personal finance, transportation, health and wellness, tourism that have operated for a long time also need to keep up with the best SEO strategies. Being in business for long does not automatically guarantee to have good SEO strategies.

The Advantages of SEO Software to Small Businesses

i. Save time

Time is of the essence for any business. And if there is that one thing that can spare you time to focus on the most important aspects of your business, then SEO software is. SEO is not an easy task to do, and besides, it is not a short time thing. This game is a long-term commitment and requires ongoing efforts to increase search position and improve search visibility.

For small businesses, usually, it is the founder of the startup who’s in charge of everything from the leads to conversions. Chances are that you don’t have adequate time to research keywords, build relationships with press/ bloggers, create high-quality blog posts, perform link-building outreaches, and more. With good SEO software, everything SEO is automatically handled as you concentrate on the most critical areas of your small business.

ii. Save money

All of the following SEO software in this guide will completely replace the manual work that your SEO teams have to do. Nonetheless, there might be a few SEO tasks that would require your teams with a certain skill set to work on various tasks that may arise due to the evolving nature of SEO. 

When you weigh up remitting a salary of say $35000 versus paying say $50 for software that lets you manage almost the entire SEO work is a no-brainer.

iii. Increase performance

The main aim of using an SEO program is to enhance your search rankings. With an increased search ranking, there is a corresponding increase in your organic traffic hence a heightened chance of increased leads, sales and conversion. With a good SEO program you use, you can be sure to increase the ROI of your small business.

iv. Follow a process

Most of the SEO software discussed in this guide are all-in-one-SEO software Tools. These tools provide a workflow process that guides you through the set-up process, identifies the low-hanging fruit, and optimizes your activities.

v. They fill a knowledge gap

Normally, most small business owners do not know exactly where to start when it comes to SEO. These software tools however let you focus on your core business issues as they take care of your company SEO such as the steps it takes you to improve your search rankings.


These SEO tools for a small company can not only ensure you save time, but they also ensure you as well save on resources and enhance the visibility of your business in local searches over your business rivals hence driving leads and sales. Your business needs this and a more extensive list of the best SEO software for small business start-ups to help it set up a foundation for SEO strategy, track progress, and finally achieve great results.

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