Best SEO Tools for Small Business

best seo tools for small business

Small businesses use search engine optimization to conduct competitor analysis, identify technical problems, and other related business activities. It requires use of best SEO tools for small business to succeed with the use of search engine optimization.

SEO falls under the most effective digital marketing strategies used by small businesses for increasing revenue and customers. There are so many local SEO tools in the marketplace that small business needs to choose from some paid and others free SEO tools. Since not all fit in such a category majority are the ones that make up the best SEO tools for small businesses.

Small business SEO gives website optimization for different search engine use like Bing. Such tools bring about tremendous positive impacts on overall business operations. There are higher web traffic levels and improved site visibility. It’s crucial to invest in such tools for long-term growth and development.

Best SEO Tools for Small Business

All-in-one SEO tools

They incorporate all feature sets for covering all related SEO campaigns, including on and off-page SEO, keyword research, and technical audits. Such local SEO tools include;

ahref tool
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a). Ahrefs

It’s the best SEO software for keyword research, content opportunities, and backlink analysis. The site explorer tool majors on backlink analysis by identifying the website types linked to small businesses and overall growth trends.

It’s an ideal tool responsible for accessing new link-building opportunities and competitor analysis. This tool helps in top-performing SEO content analysis while driving major traffic to the website.

There is also easier determination of the well-ranked pages. In addition, a keyword research tool in google with competitor analysis can help make strategic changes.

For instance, one can determine the competitors’ landing pages to drive more traffic into their website and incorporate it into the SEO plan. This SEO tool is best for generating new keyword ideas for creating SEO content faster and easier. Its key uses are;

  • Content explorer to conduct top-performing content analysis in different topics
  • Rank tracking tool to track keyword rankings progress with relevant SERP features.
  • Site explorer tool to perform keyword analysis and all competitors’ backlink profiles.

Ahref Features

  • Available rack tracking tool gives correct keyword comparison with tracking keywords.
  • Top performing content analysis using the explorer tool with low competition topics for content ideas.
  • Easier tool for gaining competitor insight in their backlinks and individuals.
  • Provision of a large updated database for exploring competitor performance.
  • The guaranteed free version gives granted permission for content explorer tool for determining available with link building prospects for competitor idea generation
semrush seo Best SEO Tools for Small Business
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b). SEMrush

It’s an all-in-one software package that combines aspects of other listed SEO software. One can easily use it to automate on-page SEO audits, competitor research, and backlink analysis.

A backlink audit tool is ideal for easier and faster analysis to disavow via search console. It’s a recommended keyword research tool due to its complete set of relevant set features. Its key uses include;

  • Keyword comparison of up to five competitors to determine available URL gaps, domain levels, and subfolders.
  • Prior determination of competitor websites driving more backlinks and responsible subdomains driving more organic traffic to a particular website.
  • Using content toolkit for running technical content audits.
  • Completely manage all SEO campaigns and projects, including link building, on-page SEO, and brand mentions, by easily sharing access to different clients or members.
SE Ranking SEO Best SEO Tools for Small Business
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c). SE Ranking

It’s an all-in-one platform that facilitates competition analysis, keyword rank tracker, and website auditing. Its small business SEO software is effective in complete toolkit provision compared to other sources like Semrush


  • Provides flexible plan options depending on the frequency of keyword research
  • Accessing social media analytics with posts from different platforms
  • Creation and scheduling of SEO reports that are highly detailed for the small business and all involved teams.
  • On-page SEO software helps in auditing and fixing suggestion
  • A larger updated database facilitates deeper research and all available keyword opportunities.
  • Page changes monitoring for easier notification of all business modifications.

2.  Technical SEO tools

It covers all tools related to the foundational aspects check to determine the overall site speed, health, and structured data. They include;

Google Search Console seo Best SEO Tools for Small Business
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a). Google Search Console

It’s a google tool initially known as google webmaster tools. This tool aids in issue identification and fixing them like mobile usability and indexing.

It requires first setting up an account, after which google alerts you on any error found. The showing up of one’s website in search results allows viewing the click thigh rate, the total keyword used, and the keyword rankings.

It also gives access to linking the search console to analytics to open up reporting tools in small business analytics accounts. It has major usages which are;

  • Performing web vitals monitoring to determine their overall speed and user interactions.
  • Conducting security checks and google manual alerts.
  • Google analytics and data studio integration for enhanced reporting.
  • Determination of the most generating impressions from different pages and queries.
  • Quick determination of pages with a reduced number of internal links.
  • Using URL inspection tool for identifying crawling and indexation issues.

Features of google search console

  • Easier external links checks pointed to the site by google with internal links.
  • Website XML sitemap for quick indexing request of available content in the google search results.
  • Identification of pages indexed or visible in SERPS with google search generation of more clicks to the website.
  • Detection of any blocked pages due to low-quality content and google indexing.
  • external links checkpointed by google
Best SEO Tools for Small Business
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b). Screaming Frog

This tool requires downloading it to start conducting technical SEO audits and suit large and small sites. Surprisingly, its free version spider SEO software distinguishes itself from other tools and has whistles and bells, just as its names dictate.

One can jump-start by typing in the website domain name to have full webpages audits. It lowers the need for manual edits by giving access to error status codes and the Meta tags. Its key uses are;

  • Third-party tools integration like google search console, page speed insights, and google analytics.
  • XML sitemaps generation through Robots txt file reviews
  • Identification of available thin content duplicates
  • Determination of any technical issue affecting its performance, like server errors.


  • Unlimited added features and craws with the paid version and available crawling too many URLs using the free one.
  • Tree graph site visuals with evaluated internal linking and page URL.
  • Determination of any internal link improvements with the site web crawler.
  • Faster and easier website page scans such as meta description and word count.
  • Faster URL detection issues like broken links and potential server errors.
Best SEO Tools for Small Business
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c). Sitebulb SEO tools

This tool is responsible for bringing about graphs, reports, and audits that help in improving the site’s overall performance and conduct keyword research. Its major search engines area include;

  • In-depth performance analysis through site maps creations.
  • Optimization of anchor texts while using the link explorer tool.
  • Determination of available URLs with a reduced number of internal links.
  • Find out missing elements and thin content issues.

3.  On-page SEO tools

This SEO tool for small business aids in higher SERPs ranking due to its data-driven tools for improving content.

surfer seo tool
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a). Surfer SEO

It’s one of the ideal SEO tools for small business focusing on large-signal analysis, giving an easier following for higher rankings.

There is the easier determination of what’s not working right to help improve content. Its major uses include;

  • Answering topical questions detailed in the content
  • Generation of new cluster topics with Silo Planner
  • Identification of competitors’ structured data
  • New content creation outperforms organic competitors due to its perfect keyword density and common words.
  • SERP common backlinks identification in the top pages.

4.  Off-page SEO tools

Such SEO tools for small businesses major in link-building campaigns for outreach management. They include;

mailshake tool
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a). Mailshake

It’s an outreach tool that facilitates easier leads management and replies. The proven powerful analytics, follow-ups, and email templates aid in sending personalized emails. Its use in different areas is;

  • Other SEO software integration like HubSpot and Salesforce.
  • Analytics dashboard tracking of overall campaign performance
  • Scheduled automatic follow-ups determined by the clicks, opens, and replies
  • Increased deliverability through the built-in verification tool
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b). Hunter

It’s a tool used in email finding and verification with outreach entire SEO campaign planning.

It searches all known details after entering relevant information in the prospects domain. It’s used in areas like;

  • Locating direct email addresses in the spreadsheets while using google sheets Add-on.
  • Bulk mail identification for outreach campaign startups
  • Easily locate an individual or domain mail address.

5.  SEO reporting tools

Small businesses use these tools to track rankings, conversions, and organic search traffic. They include;

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a). Keyesearch

It’s a highly recommended tool for small businesses with limited budgets. This free seo tool is not similar to others like SEMrush, but it’s a great option for beginners. It offers almost everything needed for setting up the search engine optimization game.

It offers various features like keyword research, organic keyword explorer, backlink checker, and SERP position tracking for business listing.

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b). Google analytics

The other software in the best SEO tools for small business is Google analytics. Google analytics is also a free website analytics tool highly powerful for small businesses. It gives visitors access to the most effective marketing tactics, sales conversion, and most preferable content.

Google analytics is mainly used to conduct marketing research to determine the overall business performance for improving it.

The measuring of own tactics helps in work improvements. Google analytics provides essential metrics, including acquisition metrics that show the number of landed users and how they find the site.

Behavior metrics show different users’ interactions with the site, and audience metrics clearly show all site users.

Features of google analytics

  1. Goal setting for tracking desired conversion actions like website form submits.
  2. Easier identification of source visitor channels like organic traffic and physical location data for easier traffic quality assessment in business listing.
  3. Google search console connectivity for easier viewing of relevant pages and keywords
  4. It is easier to explore how often visitors use the site depending on how long they use it.
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c). Rank ranger

It’s ideal for tracking all keyword rankings. There is easier periodic local and website organic ranking, which helps businesses change their current strategies.

Using this tool also facilitates SEO campaigns performance analysis, automated reports, and analyzing all competitors.

There is easier identification of available up and downtrends that helps in changing the overall used seo strategy. And that makes Rank Ranger among the best SEO tools for small business.

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d). Agency analytics

Its high usage relates to client performance reviews other tools for small businesses reports like Facebook ads, Bing ads, and google search console.

Easier report automation, service review performances, review metrics, and accessing client dashboards. It’s an ideal tool for facilitating timely reports whenever needed.

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e). Nightwatch

It’s a highly affordable and one of the best SEO tools for small business with a keyword rank tracker tool for accurate tracks. Moreover, the site audit tool gives backlink monitoring and scheduled reports on broken links.

Nightwatch Features

  • Google Analytics and Google search console integration to improve website data appearance.
  • Easier keyword tracking across many areas with different competitor keyword rankings within different time.
  • Daily updates provision for all tracked keywords.
  • Super accurate keyword ranking data with a wide access of any data center.
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f). Whitespark

It offers a citation finder due to the top ranking in Google maps. There is the addition of a business on some priority keywords. It begins functioning after there is business info addition by linking it to the competitors.

There are full list competitor review opportunities while adding more. Whitespark also gives its users a chance or option to make payments for citation set up to help save on time.

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g). SEO Quake

It’s a browser plugin for own and analysis ideal for quick reference. It also aids in evaluating overall on and off-page SEO tools for small businesses. This best SEO software enhances complete website check metrics to obtain high-level domain insights.


  • Scanning competitor ages for all SEO insights.
  • Analyzation of relevant keyword phrases through density check and site audit by checking used words by the competitors.
  • Website page diagnosis with completed page analysis for determination of any critical issues
  • Checking out the keyword density for the used phrases by different competitors in local search.
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h). BrightLocal

It’s similar to white spark since it’s also a citation-building tool. It’s important to use the two tools together for optimal results.

They easily help uncover different citation opportunities available for small businesses. There is also an available paying option, which helps me save on time.

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I). SpyFu

This tool helps determine competitor’s SEO performance with additional information about types of inbound links used, traffic estimates, and keywords used.

Above all, it’s a highly recommended and listed among the best SEO tools for small business. It acts as Google’s ads campaigns management tool for easier analysis.

It gives all relevant business listings, overall ads, and keyword performance information.

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j). Moz

It’s regular and popular used software due to its domain authority metric. The metric plays a major role in predicting website’s Google ranking, matching higher scores with increased probability of ranking.

Such metric factors on overall quantity and quality. Because there is no tool guaranteeing accurate results with all business and competitor backlinks, it’s essential to combine multiple tools to attain the full picture.

It has both Moz Local and MozBar for reviewing websites. Moz local gives faster citations audits with consistent information to determine any duplicate listings dragging the rankings down.

MozBar, on the other hand, functions like a google chrome extension for easier and faster domain authority page review. One is in a position to vie any followed or followed page links to help take corrective measures.

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j). ImportXML

It’s more or less of a tool in our list of the best SEO tools for small business but a kind of formula present in Google spreadsheets. Businesses major its use on organizing SEO webpage data while pulling all relevant data into a Google sheet with relevant meta descriptions.

It’s highly ideal for saving on time used in analyzing relevant Google data.

k). Google Pagespeed insights

This free tool enables easier load speed page check to determine any issues relating to its overall performance. There is an increased necessity to determine the effect of Google views with local SEO tool.


  • Easier determination of third-party codes process as one-page loads include wordpress SEO plugin affecting site speed.
  • Easier alternative determination on improving page load speed like page caching suggestions.
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k). Google trends

It’s used by many small business owner for keyword research and determination of local area queries.

More advanced keyword research gives complete check-out tools for search engine results pages.


  • Finding out related topics that are highly popular for easier planning.
  • Determine seasonal demands for search queries.
  • Checking out multiple search queries to find out overall usage within the given time.
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l). Google my business

Small businesses highly use these tools, to majors on local results. The filling on relevant business information shows up in Google maps and searches.

People have an easier chance of locating the business while going through local information to fing Google ads.

Features of google my business

  • Provision of important insights by GMB r4elating to business listing shown in google map results.
  • It gives an effective method of the public business display using local search results and google keyword planner.
  • GMB profile facilitates reviews leaving on google for improving local search presence for data aggregator service.
Best SEO Tools for Small Business
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j). Local Falcon

It best suits local SEO while displaying business listings available on the maps. Unlike showing results from central geographic locations, it gives mobile search representations from their major occurrences. It best suits small business local market.

There are increased business listings than the competitors due to its high taking advantage of the local search. Indicating business ranks in a position they need not be, requires working on the local SEO needs. Such includes profile improvements on photos posts and responding to different reviews.

Best SEO Tools for Small Business
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k). SeoJet

It’s paid for backlink creation and management. There is link map creation for each website page, lowering the chances of guessing what anchor text the competitors use.

There is an increased opportunity for backlink creation with outreach tools. Capturing all relevant backlinks amounts to using guest post service due to the increased chances. Its uniqueness in providing relevant features are unavailable in other best SEO tools for small business. Such gives the best backlink shape possible with extended google keyword planner .

Best SEO Tools for Small Business
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l). Answer the public

This SEO tool gives direct customer communication by raising overall company relevance with Google ads. There is easier monitoring of customer reviews on used keywords by providing alternatives on how to improve on the same. This tool opens new ideas or changes to determining new inches currently hidden in the customer reviews.

It is highly recommedable for the seam marketers to guess different people’s ideas. Such queries are not available from professionals since the customers do not necessarily share them aloud. It acts as a major traffic drive towards the different business sites.

Best SEO Tools for Small Business
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m). Ubbersuggest

Businesses, individuals, and enterprises purchase this all-in-one SEO tool since it comes with varying prices. This local SEO tool majors on new keyword ideas generation for long-tail versions. The search terms included in this tool have reduced search volume and competition levels.

There is also keyword use in question form that is highly beneficial in marketing to make correct solution determination of what the searchers need. It’s highly advantageous to reverse engineer competitor SEO by providing used strategies such as page local search rankings and keyword research tools suggestions.

Best SEO Tools for Small Business
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n). Mangools suite

It’s among the simple SEO tools that only require inputting a competitor’s website and leaving the rest for evaluation. Their scalable pricing options give better upgrading to more power toolset.

o). Go Incognito

This local SEO tool facilitate easier access to finding out the ranking of different terms in the search engines. There is the exclusion of specific search engines by google upon specific search due to the personal preference freedom. There are no limitations to using iPhones due to the increased keyword used.

Best SEO Tools for Small Business
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p). Keyword tool

It is available in a free and paid version with twice keyword research and paid one. Other essential parameters include competition levels, cost per click data, and search volume.

It brings about the advantage of determining long-tail keyword opportunities with google autocomplete.

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q). Open site explorer tool

Such a tool is essential in link-building opportunities while tracking website profiles to drive organic traffic. Its location gives a better ranking while assuring quality SEO for all business owners.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best SEO Tools for Small Business

  • Easier SEO track performance used to export creation.
  • Ability to research and track keywords depending on locations served.
  • Available tools for analysis and backlink profiles.
  • Monitoring online reviews features
  • Business listings update and local citations

Essential SEO Tips for Small businesses

Right search engine optimization helps customers easily locate and find your business while searching it in yahoo, Bing, or Google. It’s of no sense to invest money and time in a beautiful website building that customer is not in a position to find.

Keyword optimization and building sites correctly impacted by increased traffic with more sales. It’s vital to follow the tips below to help businesses with higher ranking with online searches.

i). Right keywords

There are those particular words that your clients will use when searching for the business on the web. It’s advisable to make a list of 15-35 keywords and use them on Google Ads Word. Keyword tool also helps create more keywords essential for building your list. There should be including such words in one’s titles and metadata descriptions.

ii). Building links

Having more carrying links sites amounts to high ranking on searches. It’s crucial to focus on links quality and ask related links owners to bring in a link to one’s site. Afterwards, you can offer to carry links to theirs in exchange for one to yours.

iii). Getting social

The wide usage of social media platforms as search engines has a major impact on SEO strategies. In other words, ranking the company’s social media platform in search results emanates from searching for such related terms by different people.

iv). Focusing on unique offerings

It’s vital to look for corresponding words with market differentiators as an effective strategy for rising above the competitors. The increased fact of competing with other prospective companies to grab customer attention requires focusing on the unique aspect test to give. There is also increased competition for keywords requiring companies to pay for search engines used per every click.

v). Avoid overstuffing with keyword

The pages need to be primarily meant for users rather than the search engines dictated by google webmaster. Too much keyword use amounts to irritating users while lowering the actual meaning. The text needs to be very clear and easily readable to help generate more traffic.

vi). High-quality publishing

Search engines major in assisting people in locating required answers to a different question easily. It’s essential to create compelling content to increase generated traffic. Besides, it requires consistent information updates to stay relevant to avoid boring the users.


Managing all business activities requires the determination and installation of the right toolset. Therefore, small businesses have national, regional, and local campaigns plus all technical audits, which require the best SEO tools for small business. Some entrepreneurs typically do not have enough time to search SEO software tools through millions of results. Also, there are differences between such tools as they are not all created equal.

 Nonetheless, the wide range of tools performs different activities within the business arena depending on their make. All are different, with some for dspecific purposes and others performing all in one function. As a matter of fact, depending on the one that the business requires, the above SEO tools help drive more traffic to your business.

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