Find a Profitable Blogging Niche – An Ultimate Guide

profitable blogging niche

Blogging is about knowing something that most people will like and can pay for to get. That is the niche you need to blog about. 

Find your passion and write about things you know. If you are searching for a niche to start a blog, that is the greatest advice you get from experts. But that is not enough. You need to find a profitable niche to build a successful blog. 

Before you start a blog, the most important part is to find the right niche. Suppose you choose a niche with high competition. In that case, your blog website is beaten by blogs with high authority: and if you choose a smaller niche without demand, your blog may never make an impact. 

I would recommend a niche in the middle that you can monetize easily. I have created this post to provide you with practical tips on getting a profitable niche. A good niche will generate traffic to your website and turn it into an income stream. 

Choose a You Enjoy to Talk About 

When starting a blog is a fun process. The exciting experience is buying a domain, setting up a website blog, customizing the design, writing the first article, and publishing it. 

Many people will lose interest in their blog after weeks or months. So you have to choose a topic you like to learn or talk about with people. 

The topic could be a hobby, a new RV you bought, or your work. You must not be an expert. Choose it because it makes you feel excited talking about it. 

Here are tips for choosing a profitable blogging niche:

1. Market Research

You need to conduct intensive market research for your niche. Make sure what you choose is profitable and has enough market for the topic. This is something you can check with a small market. To do market research, this is what you should do: 

Perhaps you love to deal with lawnmowers. So you choose it as a niche and want to start a blog about the niche. You have to check whether the topic has enough audience and its competition in the market. 

Where you start, your search is with Google Trends. You should type ” lawnmower” and see whether the topic has any interests. You can also see the number of people searching the topic. 

profitable bog niche

The graph can tell whether your interest in the topic is stable or not, rising or declining with time. 

Don’t choose those topics that decline in interest as they will not help you build a strong blog. If you see a topic that has interest and is stable, you will have enough audience in the future to drive traffic. 

2. Pick a Smaller Niche

Compare the kind of competition you will have for each topic. Check the topic on Google and see the searches results available for the topic. 

profitable blog niche

You may find the topic broad to target, and many websites compete for the keyword. You should avoid competing with big authority sites. So, always focus on a smaller profitable blogging niche.

When you scroll at the bottom page of your Google search results page, there are other related search terms. Choose a search term and check how many more people have searched for the term every month. 

Once done, use AdWords Keyword Planner and analyze the search term as done below with rock climbing. 

profitable blogging niche

If you are a beginner, “rock climbing” can be a great niche to start a blog. It receives between 1k to 10k searches per month, and competition is low.

When you explore more keywords, you will notice low competition keywords targeting the topics. And that shows you have more keywords you can target through your posts. 

3. Choose a Profitable Keyword 

To earn money with your blog, ensure you have a profitable niche. All niches are not the same. You need a niche to monetize your blog to earn a good income. 

The best way is to look at whether businesses or brands advertise for the keywords. So, suppose people spend much on AdWords targeting specific keywords related to your target niche. In that case, it is the right topic to go with. 

An easy way to test this is to see if any brands or businesses are advertising for your keywords. If people are spending money on AdWords to advertise products targeting specific keywords related to your niche, then you’ve picked the right topic.

profitable blogging niche

That shows you can monetize your blog at ease with AdSense ads. But a profitable approach for you is to sell affiliate products. 

One of the commonly used affiliate programs is the Amazon Affiliate program. You can use it and promote the products. After you send a buying customer to Amazon, you can get a 10% commission from the product. But that is after they buy the product. 

For example, you can review products like the best rock climbing shoes when you choose rock climbing. Choose products from Amazon and link them to turn your hard work into profit. 


Once you have decided on the right profitable blogging niche, you can start your blog website. Write exceptional content to stand out from the crowd. Keep blogging and be consistent with your posts according to your schedule. 

It takes long before you can see hundreds of visitors to your site who purchase your affiliate products. Blogging, therefore, requires patience. Eventually, you will see great results and success in your hard work.

If you have a problem starting a blog, let me know, and I can help. 

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