How To Make Money from Blogging

make money blogging

Starting a blog is easy, but the fun part is learning how to make money from blogging. Think again – if blogging is a hobby, you can earn quite a good amount of money. Here is how to start, find a niche, write content and turn the blog into a little money earner. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t the easiest way you can make money. But the good thing is there are no limitations and anyone can do it. 

All you need is interesting and engaging stories to tell, enough patience and dedication to ensure you build traffic. That said, how do bloggers make money? I have talked with many successful bloggers and I will share a variety of methods of monetization. 

This guide has a concrete action plan that will get your blog from the ground and turn it into a profitable business. 

Blogging Platforms 

There are a few blogging platforms you can use.

Free Platforms 

Some platforms allow bloggers to set up a free blog. These platforms are super easy to use. Perhaps you want to blog casually, these types of platforms will suit you well. 

The downside of these platforms is that they are limiting. You can only customize to a limited extent. The blog also has a storage limit, which hinders you to upload large images or videos. 

Another problem is with the URL of your blog. It will have your platform’s branding. For example “”

Many of these free blogging platforms will not allow you to add affiliate links or banner adverts on your site. Yet, they are essential revenue streams for bloggers. 

Here are some of the best free blogging platforms:

  • Blogger
  • Medium

All these platforms have their benefits and downsides

Dedicated Platforms 

These are platforms for dedicated bloggers who are looking to make money blogging. 

The platforms have various benefits. You can customize and control the design completely. You use your custom URL, adverts, and affiliates as you like. 

Using these platforms has a downside. First, you have to pay to register your domain name (URL) and host. If you are not tech-savvy, creating your website will seem scary but it is pretty easy. 

How to Make Money Blogging

Once you set your blog up, you can look for ways to make money from it. The good thing, you can choose one of the best and easiest ways you want to make money with your blog. 

Let’s explore these options: 

1. Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is where you add tracked affiliate links into some texts of your blog. You will earn a small commission after the readers click through the site you recommend and purchase. 

The website owner will pay you to say ‘thanks’  as you have sent your lovely readers to their website. 

Many online eCommerce websites provide affiliate programs such as ASOS, Apple, and Amazon. Affiliate marketing is a suitable option for many bloggers to make passive income. 

As you blog, you will recommend products or services to your readers. And because many companies offer affiliate programs, it will be easy to find relevant programs you can start earning a commission. 

The success of affiliate marketing is to be genuine and authentic. Write reviews with your honest opinions to encourage readers to buy something that you think is good for them. 

2. Add Banner Adverts 

Sell banners in your advertising space to brands related to your audience. Adverts are placed anywhere but commonly placed in the sidebar or top of the blog pages. 

With this method of adverts, you can earn income via two options: CPC or CPM. 

  • Cost Per Click (CPC): You will earn a set of payment after each reader who clicks the advert. 
  • Cost per thousand: You will negotiate a specific payment for each 1,000 ‘impressions’ their ad gets. The growth of AdBlocker plugins makes the earning of CPM and CPC low, although it depends on the industry. Again, there is no harm to try them out. 

3. Advertorials and Sponsored Content

The other best way you can monetize your blog is to offer sponsored content opportunities – advertorials. The content is usually an advert in form of a blog post or paid-for article. 

For example, if a clothing company like Adidas has a new swimwear line and your blog is about Women’s sportswear, the company will want to pay you to add an article for their range. You can add some affiliate links. 

To use this monetization method, you need a strong niche audience. After you grow your readership, many brands will approach you to partner with a sponsored post. 

make money blogging

4. Charges for Social Media Sponsored Posts

A strong social media presence will help attract brands. Many bloggers are making attractive income through these sponsored posts. You can charge for each post or re-post at a higher fee. 

However, you need to work hard before you can build followers. How people follow you through social media is something brands are interested in as readers may like what you post. 

5. Write Guest Posts

 Occasionally, brands or other members of the press with a blog reach out to you for a little favor of appearance on their sites. 

Let’s say you are knowledgeable on cooking, a newspaper will get in touch to contribute to budget-friendly recipes. 

Do not also be shy to pitch ideas to publications – editors may not know who you are, and an email intro will be great to get your blog name to the audience. 

6. Work with an Agency

Blogging is more popular in the advertising world. This has allowed advertising agents to exclusively focus on promoting bloggers’ bigger brands. 

When you work with an agency, it becomes a super lucrative opportunity. It offers you security too, but you need to have a decent following to scoop in. 

Agency fees are extremely high and only big brands can manage to work with you. Smaller independent brands will be scared off. 

It depends on your blogging business, because it may not work to your advantage. For example, when running a fashion blog, agency fees will likely hinder you to work with small independent designers you want to promote.

make money blogging

7. Sell Digital Products 

With skills and advice to offer others, you can charge a fee to your readers when they need to access video tutorials, workshops, courses, or eBooks. 

If you want this option to work for you, show that you’re extremely excellent at what you do. Or you have provided content before and proved incredibly valuable. Although, it is not something easy for you. 

It is pretty difficult to convince online communities to buy because of the tendency that everything online is free of charge. But it is worth a try. 

8. Sell Blog’s Newsletter Space

You can also charge a brand for advertising space. It takes little time to do so, and you are likely to get a fair amount from it. 

However, you will have to build a decent size mailing list before brands consider it. 

9. Get Employer’s Attention 

Use your blog to promote your business. You will even land yourself a new job indirectly and make cash. 

Suppose you are a student and you’re selling stuff online. You need a blog to promote what you want to offer. If not, you may put readers off. 

Use your blog as a profile, build credibility, show your skills and hopefully land a good-paying job out of it. Take a blog as a small business and show potential employers you can do it successfully. It will clearly tell them you have an entrepreneurial mind and you can achieve success with it. 

Final Word

Nothing worth comes without the dedication and hard work. On the way, to make money from blogging, expect a few challenges that you will easily overcome. 

Be under no illusions because blog monetization takes time. Many of the bloggers are receiving pennies every month after monetizing after working on their blogs for a long time.  

To create a full-time income from blogging requires multiple income streams from different sources. 

Good luck!

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