Starting a Blog – 14 Things I Wish I knew

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I know how you feel: excited? Now that you have an idea, you want to start a blog. The process seems simple. 

Pick a blog website name, buy a domain, choose a web host, customize your blog, and publish your first post. You think you are almost there, right? 

But when you start the blog, it turns out to be complicated. This is something I have seen affecting many bloggers. 

I was there, and I learned a harsh lesson, and this is why I want to share my blogging mistakes. And failing isn’t a bad thing; it allows you to do much better and perfectly. 

Below are blogging lessons I want you to learn while starting a blog. 

Let’s get started: 

1. You Must Get Serious 

If you have started a blog or a business and failed, worry no more. Many people, I included, have also failed countless times. 

The problem is you may not be serious enough – especially when concerned about the blog. You may be preoccupied with other things, the way I used to be. 

So, when you want to succeed with a blog, you must be serious. Create a plan of where you want to be in the next few months or years. 

2. You Must Be Passionate 

Blogging is not for the faint-hearted. It requires passion and dedication. 

In the past, while I was starting, I launched a variety of blogs in different niches – but all failed. 


I was not passionate! 

Things will start well, but things start to fall apart as time goes. It is something common and a mistake you should not make. 

You can avoid that by blogging on a niche; you have real passion. In your blog business, passion is the driving force. 

So, I have taken the opportunity to help people (for free) on how they can start a successful blog. 

3. You Need a Great Plan

When I was starting a blog, I used to rush to launch a blog. The blog was not even successful. The content used to be ropey, and I had a flaky plan. 

So, you want to launch a blog? I would recommend you have a better plan. Take time before you start the blog. Create top-notch content that will keep the audience coming back for more. 

Sometimes, it can be easy; you go the other way, obsess every little detail only to paralyze you. There is a need to keep everything in place and balanced. 

4. Expect to Invest in Your Blog

When most bloggers start, they don’t think costs are involved. I used to think so. 

But not all services are free. Some of these services you will pay: 

  • Domain registration
  • Mailing list provider
  • Webs hosting 
  • An excellent WordPress theme

Making purchases will make your life easier. And you should not spend more than you are making. 

The money you use for your blog is an investment for your blog’s future. There are also tools to buy and help you be more productive.

5. Make Money From Start

Sometimes, passion is more than earning. Making money with your blog may not be a primary goal while starting a blog. 

But if you want to make money with your blog, there are two ways you can earn big bucks:

  • High ticket products – in-depth training courses
  • High ticket services – consultation services 

Create time and focus on what you want to achieve with your blog. Choosing one of the above services can help you start making money immediately. 

starting a blog

6. Create a List Before Launching a Blog

There are benefits to building a list for your blog before launch. For example, Jon Morrow built a blog, and before publishing a single post, it had 13,000 subscribers. 

His blog strategy was a “bribe,” which he offered on the home page after people signed up. 

He actively contributed to authority blogs and helped drive traffic to his landing page. 

Could you not rush to do it when you want to start your blog? Don’t wait long before adding a “bribe” for your subscribers. 

So, what should you do with your blog?

  • Add exclusive content that your audience would love. 
  • Create a landing page – you can use Thrive Architecture or LeadPages depending on your budget. 
  • Write for authority blogs and mention your blog. 

7. Don’t Neglect Your List 

You should not wait long before you put together something exclusive your subscribers would love – you may end up regretting it. 

When you do in-depth research, you will find that some of the best content you will come across is not published on a blog. 

That is the exclusive and “behind the scenes” kind of stuff you will get after you opt-in while starting a blog. 

So, don’t miss the opportunity to grow your list. 

Unfortunately, most people view this in a different light. You have to do extensive work before someone can hand over the email address. When you start looking for new things to do for your subscribers – you show you are happy that they are trusting you with their email address.

8. Writing More Isn’t the Answer 

Many beginners believe writing more is the answer to their success in starting a blog. 

But that is not true. 

Sure, after you publish more content, you’ll get more traffic. And that means the quality will likely suffer. 

That may take your time to promote your content. Yes, your audience will consume more, which depends on the length of your content. 

This means posting less when aiming to publish detailed content and posting more for less detailed content. 

It is something you need to balance. You will have a unique audience. Sometimes, those you view as competitors may not have the same audience as you. 

So, test and find out what works for your blog. And if in doubt, your audience can help. 

Adding a survey with the help of a tool like crowdsignal is free and easy. But also, consider the much time available. 

9. You can do Much than you Expect

Has this one ever come to you? 

Taking on so much such that you can’t do anymore? 

Probably you are guilty about it? And a great lesson you have learned? 

However, you should work on it until you get there. 

 10. You Can’t Build a Successful Blog in a Day

Many people claim Rome is among the greatest city. But, it didn’t take Romans a day to build. This is the same case with your blog. You can’t build a successful blog website within one day; starting a blog and allowing it to grow requires time. 

Life is about competition. There are those ahead of you in your niche, sited at the top. 

But why are you there? 

Because you have not worked on your blog as they did. They spent countless late nights, created a solid plan to get where they are, and published countless blog posts. 

Becoming an overnight sensation may happen, but you should not rely on it – this is a rare occurrence. 

However, that should not deter you. After you put in the time, passion, raw effort, and dedication – you will make it. 

11. Master Your Productivity

Many times, you will lose focus. But let it be occasional. 

Within a few weeks or less, you will be more productive. Besides that, I came across some pieces of advice and would like to share. They have impacted my productivity hugely. These include: 

Value Your Time 

Make sure your time is not only precious but also valuable. Add a monetary value to your time, and see how productive you are. 

Create Time to Think 

Plan for a time you need to think things through. You can take 30 minutes each day to keep yourself focused. 

Prioritize Your Tasks

Consider whether what you are doing is an important thing to do. 

Cut Out Negative Influences 

Never allow your mind to think you will not achieve it. These are only distractions and negativity affecting your mindset. Be positive, and your blog success will be possible. 

Eat a Frog Each Day

This does not mean you have to get the frog, cook, and eat it. It means if you have something you avoid, it’s time to get it and do it. 

Use Management Tools 

Use tools that can help you to manage tasks effectively. Try Trello and Asana; they can work well. 

12. Get Help 

It sounds hard, but it is easier than many beginners think while starting a blog. 

Sometimes, you want to do things yourself and be self-sufficient. But you may not handle everything as expected. Sometimes, it is not even possible, and you have to get someone involved in what you are doing. 

This could be getting help to create content and edit some things. Or invite guest contributors to write for your blog. 

Also, you can ask for help with the technical side of your blog, like creating a logo. You can not do everything yourself but do at least to the standard you want. 

Sometimes, it is not about paying people to help. But it will save you stress time and have a happier result. 

However, you need to consider your budget because you don’t have it if you do not have the money. 

Fortunately, there are many freelance websites to hire someone to help. For example,, People Per Hour, Fiverr, Freelancer, and more. 

The streets are not safe. Vet anyone you want to work with; you can even ask for recommendations. 

It is important you work with those you trust will help with your blog. 

 13. Never Stop the Work after Hitting Publish 

I know how you feel. But the publish button when starting a blog is not the end. 

Remember, you will spend hours, days, or weeks on your content and finally publish it. 

What happens when no one reads it? 

Let me tell you what will happen. Your piece of article will gather dust in the corner and may never see the light in the day. 

That will not make you feel good. And that is the reason most people have to abandon their blogs. 

So, you must go beyond the publishing button. 

Put your time and effort into promoting your content right away. It will be time-consuming but worth doing in the end. More people will start to know your content and blog. 

There is something else for you.

The way you plan your content plays a significant role in your success. There are a variety of things you should take into account. Consider the following: 

  • Target audience and align your content to address their specific needs. 
  • Those blog posts are working well for you. 
  • Those blog posts work well for competitors in your niche. 
  • Those are what people search for through Google. 
  • What people share via social media.
  • Whether there are influencers in your niche to help take your post further. 
  • Whether you have to improve your headlines. 

14. Never Stop to Learn

Learning is important. It will help you grow and develop until you achieve what you want with your blog and in life. 

I’m happy to say every day before the day ends, I learn something new. And there is how I learn. I have to set aside time to watch videos and read a book and blog posts. 

The more you get to know new things, the more your ideas flow. When I figure out something new, I feel proud of myself because I know I’m achieving. It is the same with blogging.

If you want to succeed, you have to learn something new every day. 

Things change fast, particularly those related to technology. And in blogs, some topics such as SEO are dynamic. Before you know how SEO works or does not work, new tips are available. 

People are inventing, and new tools continue to hit the market each year. These tools bring new tactics to help you do something at ease and effectively. 

So, feed your brain with a daily dose and witness the results after some time. You will be glad to have done it, and you want to do it more. 

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